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An emo girl is a girl who loves wearing emo clothing; she will have an emo-tional character and loves jamming to emo music. These chicks love to chill with other emo kids (boys and girls) They often come off as being sad a lot. Typically they do not smile much or show any confidence or faith in anything. Making eye contact with you is something that rarely happens.

A emo chick usually has darker hair, cut pretty short or to their shoulders. Sometimes their hair will be spiky or be a light color. Sometimes they will let their hair hang down in their eyes, covering their eyes. Emo guys find this to be very sexy and attractive. No matter what their hair looks like it typically is covering some portion of their face. Since they are usually shy this helps them cover their shyness. There look is over all mystifying.

emo girl

Pictures of Emo Girls

Emo girls, ahh so hot! Our emo gallery has tons of hot emo girls. Emo girls are found to be hot by many guys whether the boy is emo or not. We hope to have this gallery huge be in a couple weeks.

Looking For Pics

Below you can find a couple picturess of emo girls. These chicks are pretty hot. Take a look at them, and come back because we are always adding more info on emo girls, and the gallery is always growing with fresh pictures daily.


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Did You Know?

Emo girls love seeing two emo boys kiss! They find this to be very hot and sexy! Much like Emo boys, when they walk they have their head hanging down, and not looking at anybody that walks bay. Emo girls are very depressed looking and they tend to be very emotional and sensitive.

Emo Myspace Layouts

We have updated our myspace layout section and have added a huge amount of emo myspace layouts. Be sure to check them out.

Some emo girls just like the emo fashion and are not truly emo. A real emo chick will cry a lot, express her self threw poems she writes. Wearing lots of armbands of bright colors is a very common sense of style with emo chicks.

Their wardrobe of clothes usually includes lots of tight jeans, chuck tailors, and darker color t-shirts. Usually they are extremely tight. Emo girls have piercings usually being a lip ring. Also they wear lots of bright colored jewelry. A lot of chicks wear glasses. They hate being compared to Goths because they really are not the same. Their fashion style is much different than goths.

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