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Very emotional poems are becoming very popular with poets nowadays. Poems are a great way for emo kids to express them selfs and have they feel about day to day struggles with life.

Emo Poetry

Emo poems or the "emotional poems" as some would call it. Cover a wide range of evil and hurt found inside oneselves or the things surrounding a person

They are very sensitive and taken to heart. Emo poetry covers a wide range of emotions one might feel such as suicide or trying to hurt your self, break ups; we all know how horrible and heartbreaking that is the devastation of losing love. It would possibley be hard for someone else without understanding of the exact type of anguish hurt and betrayl that someone else would write about to clearly agree and not feel as if it was completley crazy. Sometimes something classfied as emo poetry would write something way beyond anothers possible comprhension

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Emo poetry is dark, warped and twisted. It will deffinitley leave your mind wondering for a long time. But they very well could be anothers inspiration. Not everyone is happy all the time, so why pretend to be? Let your feelings out! Everything in life isn't easy and that's what these poems include. All of the hurt, all of your hidden intentions, all of the hate and rage and pain one has. It's like your heart is bleeding onto the page filling it with everything you have been dieing to scream out loud. The emotions one feels are universal, maybe not to the depth of another but we all feel every emotion at least by a small percentage. Emotional poetry is a unique yet diversly way to write all your feelings down on one simply piece of paper. It is usually not something you would tell anyone. But something you must find a way to get out of you. The "emo poems" and the people who write them truley understand the meaning of deep depression.



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