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Get information on your favorite bands. See what music is most popular among emo kids.

Emo Icons

Here you can find some free emo buddy icons for Myspace, or whatever messenger or chat application you wish to use them for. You can use them for your myspace group icon. Just click and copy the html code to save them. Right now there are many pages of emo icons. We are always adding more icons so check back...

Enjoy these Free Emo Icons

Icon Code Below
Icon Code Below
Icon Code Below
Icon Code Below
Icon Code Below
Icon Code Below

EMO Buddy Icons

Are you looking for smaller emo icons? Selection of smaller 48 pixel x 48 pixel EMO buddy icons.

Emo Buddy Icons Page 1

Emo Buddy Icons Page 2

EMO Trivia

More than 45% of myspace users are emo, and over 20% of AIM users have an emo icon as their buddy icon.
Emo Pics

Browse through emo hair pics to find a style that you like best.

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